Abraha Bahta School for the Blind

Abraha Bahta School for the Blind

The Institute is a fundamental reference point for students to complete their primary education.

The current training programs for children include a National Academic curriculum of the MOE type, Braille, and above all the orientation to mobility and abilities to everyday life, including as well artisanal skills, typing courses, computer science courses and Latin.
After completing their primary education at the ABSB, students are transferred to various secondary schools in Asmara and other nearby cities. The ABSB therefore acts as a fundamental reference point for these students in the initial stages of their studies.

The institute needs urgent work to the facility and funds to guarantee the development for the training programs. This includes the purchase of education materials and the implementation of qualified teachers.


In March 2019 we visited the Institute to deliver the supplies we were able with your support. We could also verify that the works on the dormitories and lavatories both for the male and female section of the school were completed.