New year and new commitment for Smile

Smile Project wishes everyone a Happy New Year and with the same commitment as always starts again with charity work in Eritrea

Smile Project is already ready for 2023 with the same confidence and enthusiasm as always: with promises to be translated into reality and projects that will be realised. Last year was the year of restart, and we even managed to return to Eritrea after a two-year absence.
Now, thanks also to the volunteers, sponsors and friends who support us, we will continue to move forward with the same commitment. In these days we are sending to Africa the material we have purchased with the funds raised thanks to the success of last November’s Charity Market, which will allow us to continue the activities for the sustenance and self-sufficiency of the structures that host children, adolescents, young mothers, and the weak. Also, next April Elsa, founder of Smile Project, will return to Eritrea with some volunteers to meet the people who are carrying out the various projects in the area.
We are also moving to raise funds and, in a few months, we will start the campaign to collect the 5×1000. Of course the Charity Market, which is becoming more and more successful every year, will be repeated again in 2023, towards the end of the year.
Finally, we would like to continue to provide you with information and curiosities on Eritrea, a country unknown to many if not unfortunately due to war and poverty, and we will publish texts on Eritrean cuisine, culture and customs.
We will gradually update you on the next steps and we thank everyone for the support you give us.