A container full of…

A container loaded with material collected thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors, and needed to continue our projects in Eritrea, has finally left for Africa

More than 100 sewing machines, thousands of pins and needles, hundreds of metres of fabric, scissors, threads, tablets, binding machines and much more were part of the cargo of the container that left Florence for Africa. Thanks to the funds raised and the donations received, Elsa Michael, founder of Smile Project, was able to purchase material to support the projects and charitable activities she runs in Eritrea: the Eri Handcraft project designed to train women in micro-entrepreneurship, Abraha Bahta, the school for the blind, ERINAD the Eritrean Deaf  Association.

Principal among these projects is undoubtedly Eri Handcraft, supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), and designed to improve the living standards of the disadvantaged section of society through various income-generating activities. The MLSW, in collaboration with the Eri Handcraft project, offers participants the opportunity to hone their skills in the fields of tailoring and weaving, to help a new generation highly qualified in this field and enable them to engage in handicrafts. The project is open to 40 women per shift who have already received basic training in these fields or who have worked in them: the ultimate goal is to help them then to develop autonomous activities in their home countries and cities, which will also have a positive impact on their families and the entire community. For this reason, part of the funds raised have also been donated for the training, hospitality and assistance of the 40 project participants.

During these months, Elsa negotiated with suppliers, collected, packed and shipped the goods with the help of many volunteers and friends of the Association: can you believe it?
Here is a video proving that the container has been loaded! And shipped, of course.